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JW Horse Logging!


 Lanesville New York

 We use draft horses to log and skid logs. There is no job to big or to small. This is a small on the side business that is family run mostly done on the weekends. Logging with horses is very "green" and enviormentaly safe. We service many different surrounding counties. We do it all! Please e-mail with any questions.



 Draft Horses & Mules for hire~Logging and Skidding and Garden plowing


 Warrensburg   New York
 I am a new Business Owner Just starting out  using Draft Mules (Pat  & Pearl),For logging~Skidding & Garden Plowing In an effort to preserve the land and a lot less damage to the environment, We will be serving  Warren / Washington & Saratoga  County, We also  have a portable sawmill to Custom  saw your logs at your place or   ours, Feel free to email  me or check out our website  Cobble Stone Goat Farm

518-623-9193             email

Farmer Browns Logging with Horses


Hunt NY

 We are a family run business of Logging with Horses.. we have been in business for over 30 years.

We have done large jobs and small jobs.  One way we do our job:

1. Cut the timber (all agreeded upon with land owner) haul it out to landing. Then we contact buyers..they make a bid and the highest bid gets the logs.

2. Is logging done by forest management...( clean up and removal of down trees) we work these jobs by the hour.




Logging & Skidding with team of Belgian Draft Horses

Plattsburgh, NY

Draft Horse logging and skidding for hire. No job too small! Our belgian draft horses will go where a skidder can't and leave much less damage! Environmentally friendly. Serving Clinton,Essex and Franklin County, NY           See our video on website.




Logging with draft horses or skidder


Emporium,PA   available logging with draft horse or skidder we have 2 teams of draft and log skidder to accomadate your logging needs(will travle)no job is to big or small. we do what it takes to make landowner happy! slect cut or clear cuts we work on percentage or money in advance. no fee charged to cruise timberland. we will give you a full evaluation of your timber also looking for tracts of pine,spruce,hemlock and poplar thanks tom nellis tcn trucking and logging     

(814) 486-2158